Debit Card

Some banks believe that if you want to use their debit card to access your funds or make purchases, you should pay them a monthly fee. Signature Bank disagrees. Your Signature Bank debit card gives you the convenience to shop or access your balance anytime—without monthly debit card fees.

With our Instant Issue Debit Cards, there’s no waiting—walk in for your account, walk out with your card. We even refund ATM fees charged by other banks, so you always have free access to your money. What could be more convenient?


  • Instant Issue means same-day access to your new account
  • No monthly fee to use your debit card
  • Access account balance easily
  • Make purchases or get cash from any participating ATM
  • ATM fees refunded nationwide
  • More convenient than checks
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Signature and/or PIN required

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