Debit Card

Use your checking account without having to pull out your checkbook. We also refund ATM fees so you can get cash anywhere, even at other banks’ machines.


Some banks believe that if you want to use their debit card to access your funds or make purchases, you should pay them a monthly fee. Signature Bank disagrees. Your Signature Bank debit card gives you the convenience to shop or access your balance anytime—without monthly debit card fees. With our Instant Issue Debit Cards, there’s no waiting—walk in for your account, walk out with your card. We even refund ATM fees charged by other banks, so you always have free access to your money. What could be more convenient?


  • Instant Issue means same-day access to your new account
  • No monthly fee to use your debit card
  • Access account balance easily
  • Make purchases or get cash from any participating ATM
  • ATM fees refunded nationwide
  • More convenient than checks
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Signature and/or PIN required

Read more about how to protect yourself and your identity by protecting your debit card here.


To Report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Please visit online or mobile banking to report your card as lost or stolen.

Select “Menu” > then “Manage Debit Cards” > then select the card in question > then “Report Lost or Stolen Card”.

Once you confirm this Lost / Stolen card request, the card in question will become inactive and can no longer be used. Please contact us or submit a transaction dispute if you see any suspicious activity on your account.

If you think you may have misplaced your card and would like to turn it off temporarily, you may alternatively choose TURN CARD OFF while you search for your card.

If you do not have online or mobile banking, you may contact Customer Service at 877.855.8550 for assistance during regular business hours.

An on-duty manager periodically monitors the Customer Service voicemail box until 8:30 p.m. every night. If you need to speak with a Signature Banker about a Lost or Stolen Card after hours, please call 877.888.8550 and leave a detailed voicemail. A manager will be back in touch with you as soon as they are available.

Online Banking With Bill Pay

Now running to the bank branch can be just a distant memory. Manage your accounts online anytime from any web-enabled computer with this free service.


Remember having to run to the nearest bank branch? Well, that can just stay a memory. With our free online banking service, you can manage your accounts from anywhere without having to get in the car, or even get up from your computer! Check your balance, view transactions, pay bills, and more. It’s all at your disposal—not just during business hours but anytime. You don’t have to go to the bank. We bring the bank to you!


  • Access accounts online anytime
  • Free with checking, savings, credit card, or loan
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • View balance and transaction history
  • Transfer funds between Signature Bank accounts
  • Access check images and deposits seconds after clearing
  • Access unlimited statement history
  • Sign up for eStatements
  • Change your address
  • Stop payment on checks or ACH transactions
  • Make person to person transfer to other Signature Bank account holders
  • Transfer to and from an external account at another financial institution
  • Pay bills with free online bill pay service
  • Receive alerts to manage accounts, payments or special events by email, text or phone
  • Contact customer service through secure email messaging
  • Secure encryption protects your data

Download our online banking Agreement here.

Download our Account Authentication and Online Banking Security Guide.

Not Near a Computer?

Our mobile app, Signature2Go, is available on Apple and Android devices.

*You must be at least 18 years of age to access online banking.

Bill Pay

With this free service, you can pay anyone in the country directly from your Signature Bank checking account, with just a few clicks of your mouse!

  • Save time, checks, and postage
  • Pay anyone in the United States
  • Free with Signature Bank checking account
  • Set up one-time or recurring payments
  • Get payment alerts by email, text, or phone
  • Receive eBills
  • Secure encryption protects your data


Signature2Go App

Access your Signature Bank accounts, even when you’re away from your computer. This free service brings your information right to your cell phone!


Signature service goes beyond the bank walls; it goes with you everywhere you go! With Signature2Go mobile banking services, you can access your accounts anywhere, anytime. Get the latest information directly from Signature Bank. Use your smartphone or tablet to access accounts, make transfers, and deposit checks electronically. It’s easy to use and totally free!


  • Manage your accounts from anywhere
  • Accessible from any smartphone or tablet computer
  • Free with Signature Bank deposit account
  • View account balances
  • Review past transactions
  • Get text alerts sent straight to your phone
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Mobile banking is securely encrypted
  • Cellular Data rates and SMS texting fees may apply with these features

Download our Apple or Android Apps below!

Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play button
Text Banking

With Signature Text Banking, you can quickly receive your account balance, transfer funds between accounts or view limited transaction history from your mobile phone.


In between meetings and need to know whether your check was credited to your account? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered — our free text banking allows you to check your balance, transfer funds, view recent account activity, and more. All you’ll need is a text-enabled mobile device, and enrollment in Online Banking. Manage your accounts on-the-go, 24/7 — and enjoy the time you’ll save with this easy-to-use service. Give it a try today!


  • Manage your accounts via your text-enabled mobile device
  • Free and easy-to-use service
  • Check balances on your checking, savings, and money market accounts
  • Track deposits, transfers, and recent activity
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Receive up-to-date transaction information
  • Stay on top of your finances on-the-go

How to activate text banking:

  • Login to Online Banking and select the PREFERENCE Tab, then MOBILE and choose the TEXT BANKING Tab.
  • Check “yes”, enable text banking, enter your mobile phone number and read and agree to the terms* of the Online Banking Services Agreement.
  • Follow the prompts to set-up your Account Nicknames for each enabled account.
  • You will receive a text message confirming your enrollment.
  • Now you will be able to send a text message to request information about your accounts or perform a transaction.
  • Receive a text message response with the information you requested or confirmation of your transaction.
  • Add 226563 (BANKME) to your Contact List, for easy reference.


*SUMMARY OF TERMS: By entering your phone number you acknowledge that you agree to the terms of service and are subscribed until you send S to Signature Bank of Arkansas Text Banking, provided by Signature Bank of Arkansas. Signature Bank of Arkansas Text Banking works with: Alltel, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Cincinnati Bell, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Virgin Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless but is not compatible with all handsets. Receive banking account alerts. Receive 1 message per query. Msg & Data rates may apply. I confirm that I hold the account corresponding to the mobile phone number I have entered, or that I have the account holder’s permission to use this service. For help, send HELP to 226563(BANKME). To cancel, text STOP to 226563 at any time. For support, visit or call 877-888-8550.

Mobile Deposit

Need to Make a Deposit? There’s an app for that. Make a deposit from the palm of your hand.


What could be more convenient than depositing a check anywhere, anytime, with the use of your smartphone? Mobile Deposit is a feature in our app that lets you photograph and deposit your check with a simple “Tap. Tap. Send.”


  • Free with checking or savings account
  • Deposits can be made securely anytime, anywhere
  • Easy-to-use app – walks you directly through the process
  • Email notification updates on the status of your deposit
  • Deposit is posted on the same business day if submitted prior to 5:00 PM

Get started now:

  • Download the free Signature2Go app for your phone
  • Start making deposits using Mobile Deposit.

Key Points to Remember

  • When taking a photo of your check, be sure that the corners of your check line up with the brackets on your screen. Make sure that the corners and edges are not folded or torn, and that the check image is clear and legible.
  • When taking a photo of your check, ensure that the back of your check is endorsed. If the back of the check is not signed then the submission will be rejected.
  • Do not void or shred your check after submitting it. We recommend marking it in some way (such as a checkmark in one of the corners) so that you know that you have submitted it. This way, the check is still valid and intact if ends up being rejected and needs to be submitted again or brought into the bank for deposit.
  • All checks deposited using Mobile Deposit must be endorsed as: “For mobile deposit at Signature Bank of Arkansas only,” followed by your signature.
  • The cut-off time for mobile submissions is 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.
  • If you submit a check with Mobile Deposit prior to the cut off time and it gets approved, then it will go through the current night’s processing and the funds will be available the following day. If you submit an Mobile Deposit after 5:00 PM, then the deposit will not be reviewed until the following business day. Thus, upon approval, making the funds available the day after that.

If you have any questions regarding Mobile Deposit, then please feel free to contact Customer Service at (479)684-3700 or 1-877-888-8550. The Customer Service department is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM until 6:00 PM, regular business hours.

How to Deposit a Check

  1. Log in to your Signature2Go app.
  2. Select Deposit Checks on from the menu.
  3. Select the deposit account that you would like to deposit your check into.
  4. Tap Front of Check.
  5. Take a picture of the front side of the check, being sure that the check is within the box present on the screen.
  6. Tap Back of Check.
  7. Take a picture of the back side of the check, again ensuring that the check is within the box present on your screen, and also making certain the back of the check is endorsed with “For Deposit Only at Signature Bank of Arkansas”.
  8. Enter the check amount.
  9. The system will load the photos and check information and “Submit” will turn green when your deposit is ready. If “Submit” is yellow, there may be an issue with the information entered.
  10. If you have more than one check to deposit, you may add additional checks before submitting.
  11. Once you are satisfied, select Submit.
Bill Pay

With this free service, you can pay anyone in the country directly from your Signature Bank checking account.



  • Save time, checks, and postage
  • Pay anyone in the United States
  • Free with Signature Bank checking account
  • Set up one-time or recurring payments
  • Get payment alerts by email, text, or phone
  • Receive eBills
  • Secure encryption protects your data
Overdraft Privilege

Don’t let a simple oversight or math error result in denied purchases or bounced checks. We offer three overdraft options to ensure your accounts are protected.


A simple oversight in spending can leave you with less money in your account than you realized, causing issues at the register. As a bank, we promote good account management, but we also understand the unexpected can happen. For this reason, we offer services such as Account Link, lines of credit, and Overdraft Privilege to help protect your account from overdrafts.


  • Protect your credit
  • Eliminate bounced checks and merchant NSF fees
  • Available to all checking accounts
  • Account Link transfers available
  • Subject to approval
  • $30.00 per item occurrence

If you have Overdraft Privilege we may pay overdraft items presented against your account up to the overdraft limit assigned. An insufficient funds item may be created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or debit card transaction (if you chose to opt in to this service), or other electronic means. Any insufficient funds fees charged, as well as the amount of the overdraft item(s), will be subtracted from the Overdraft Privilege limit assigned to your account. Read the full disclosure here.

*Free Checking Accounts will be eligible for overdraft protection after 60 days.

Account Link Savings Transfers

Link your checking account to another Signature Bank account and we’ll automatically transfer funds to cover any overages on your checking. This option is a more affordable alternative to our Overdraft Privilege service.

  • Automatic transfers from linked account
  • No setup fee for this service
  • $7 per transfer
Signature FinancialVue

Take control of your finances with our financial management software. Use this free service to manage all your accounts, even those at other institutions.


Take control of your finances! Our free, easy to use software gives you a bird’s eye view of your accounts so you can see your entire financial picture. Access your information anywhere, anytime. Your personal dashboard is all online, with no software downloads or setup required. See your assets, liabilities, and net worth in one easy-to-use service. Monitor your spending behaviors, set goals and track your progress, set reminders for bill payments, categorize your expenses, and more!


  • See a consolidated view of all your finances
  • Free with any account
  • Available online anytime
  • One-click data updates so you see the most recent information
  • The net worth statement displays account totals, home value, and more
  • Access accounts from other institutions
  • Review latest transactional activity and bills due
  • Send/view email messages and other information.
  • Get portfolio performance charts, budgeting tools and much more!
Telephone Banking

Access your accounts from any touchtone phone. Our 24-hour InfoLine gives you real-time information so you can stay on top of your balance.


Whether it’s a cell or landline, phones are the easiest way to stay connected, and that includes your bank! Call our toll-free InfoLine anytime from any touchtone phone to check your balance, review recent transactions, and more. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it’s totally free. Your Signature accounts are always just a phone call away.


  • Manage accounts from any mobile phone
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Free to all Signature Bank account holders
  • PIN required for access
  • Real time information available
  • Check balances
  • Review recent transactions
  • Transfer funds

Call the InfoLine at 1 (877) 888-8511 to access your accounts.


Go green and help cut down on paper waste while also protecting your account information with paperless eStatements. Available FREE through online banking.


At Signature Bank of Arkansas, we work hard to take care of the earth as best we can. That’s why we offer free paperless statements to all account holders. Sign up for eStatements, and you’ll receive information online instead of by mail. They’re accessible anytime, protect your privacy better, and will save a few trees in the process!


  • Green alternative to paper statements
  • Free through digital banking
  • No mailman to wait on
  • Receive account information faster
  • Receive account information sooner
  • More secure than mailed statements
  • View previous statements online
  • Easily download to Quicken or MS Money


Ready to sign up? There are two methods for turning on eStatements.

>To enroll only one account in eStatements, login to online banking and select the account you’d like to set up with eStatements. Choose “Account Services” (or just “Services” on mobile devices) and select “Statements.” You should see a popup for Terms and Conditions.

>To enroll multiple accounts in eStatements, login to online banking and choose “Documents” from the Menu. Under Document Types, select “Statements.” Under Select Accounts, select all accounts you’d like to turn on eStatements for. Once you’ve clicked “Apply,” you should see a popup for Terms and Conditions.

eStatements are provided in PDF format. We’ll need to confirm your device is capable of displaying the document. Click the highlighted bar reading “View Test Document” to download a sample PDF. Please check your status bar or downloads folder if you have issues finding the Test Document.

Once you have opened and read the Test Document, you may agree to the Terms and Conditions. Accepting the Terms and Conditions means you acknowledge your device is capable of displaying the PDF document. Please do not accept the terms and conditions if you are unable to see the PDF test document.

ID Theft Protection

Don’t fall victim to identity theft. Protect, Detect and Restore your identity with Mastercard’s ID Theft Protection.

Mastercard identity protection banner

Mastercard ID Theft Protection (IDT) provides you with access to a number of Identity Theft resolution services, should you believe you are a victim of Identity Theft. This product offering will alert you about possible identity theft by monitoring the surface, dark and deep web, searching for compromised credentials and potentially damaging use of your registered personal information in order to detect fraud at its inception.

Defend your personal information and secure your digital privacy.

Track your identity risk level and detect potential fraud early.

See suspicious activity and take action immediately.

Repair problems quickly with the help of the experts at Mastercard.

This service is available to all Signature Bank Mastercard holders at no additional charge.

If you have any issues, questions, or concerns regarding fraud, security, identity theft, or an unfamiliar credit alert call 1-866-825-4605 to speak with a licensed private investigator.

Ready to sign up or want to find out more about Identity Protection?

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