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Corey Erickson

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(O) 479.684.3718
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Tips for a Successful Electronic Application Submission

New Applicants

To get started, click Create Account. The applicant will create their unique User ID and Password for the loan portal.  Typically the applicant would be the “Borrower” and put their information first.

SAVE your User ID and password information! You can reset your password from the loan portal if need be, by clicking on the “person” icon.

Once the account has been created and you are signed in, click “Apply Now” in the loan portal. This will take you to the actual application form.

To View and E-Sign Initial Loan Disclosures

Complete the application by continuing through the screens and tabs. Once you click “Submit,” Corey will be notified that he has an application to review. Expect him to contact you for the next steps.

Once the loan application reaches the stage to send initial loan disclosures, you will receive an email called “Electronic Loan Document Request”. Open the email, and sign into the portal with the same User ID and Password created when you began the application.  You will need a 4 or 5 digit authorization code to access documents.  Corey will give you this code.

Applying with a Co-Borrower?

You can complete their information during this process.

*Note: If possible, the Borrower and Co-Borrower should use two different email addresses.

Towards the end, you will be asked which Borrower you want to be tied to the account you just created. Borrower will auto-populate. Co-Borrowers need to manually adjust. The application can be “saved” and resumed at a later time if needed.

The Co-Borrower will get an email that says “You’ve been listed on a loan application with ________ for the property located at ________. You don’t need to take any action yet. We’re reviewing the application and will contact you directly about what to do next.”

If you are the Co-Borrower, you will receive an email called “Electronic Loan Document Request.” Open the email and click on “Create Account”

*Important to note: Each borrower has to create their own unique User ID and password.  When you click on “Create Account”, the User ID of the borrower defaults in the User ID position- Delete this, and create your own User ID and password.  User IDs cannot be the same.  Once you create your account, you will be able to e-sign the loan disclosures.  As a Co-Borrower you will also need a 4 or 5 digit authorization code. Corey will give you this code.

Once both borrowers have e-signed, the documents will be returned to Corey.  The loan portal can now be used to upload requested documents such as paystubs and W-2’s, or review already signed disclosures.


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