Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you upgrading your system?

Great question! By upgrading our operating systems, we are enhancing the security of your account, both inside the bank and from any online or mobile access points you may choose to use with us. The new system will also allow us to serve you more quickly, more efficiently and more comprehensively whether you are visiting in the branch, on the phone with our Customer Service Center, or managing your accounts through online, mobile, or telephone banking.

Will my debit card work during the system upgrade weekend?

You will receive a new Signature Bank of Arkansas Debit Mastercard in October. Please activate this card per the instructions provided on or after Thursday, October 21. This debit card will continue to work as usual. We will not be able to approve any limit increases over this weekend. We encourage having a backup payment method (i.e., cash or your Signature Bank of Arkansas Visa Credit Card) for any unforeseen circumstances.

Can I still use my checks and deposit slips? Coupon books?

Yes, your existing checks, deposit slips, and coupon books can continue to be used.

Will my account change in any way?

For most customers, no, this system upgrade will not affect your accounts.

Advantage One Checking account holders will notice a slight change in the minimum direct deposit amount required to waive service charges. Please see here for details.

Customers with loan accounts will notice a new Customer Number that will replace their account number. This will not affect the loan or its terms in any way. This new number can be found on your next billing statement or notice.

What happens to my loan payment if it is scheduled to draft from another bank over Signature’s upgrade weekend?

Payment transactions will occur as they normally would. No action will be required on your part.

After the upgrade weekend, you will need to check to see if the loan number (now customer number) associated with your account has changed. If it has, you will need to update that number for your external financial institution.

What do I need to do?

Activate your new Signature Bank of Arkansas debit card on or after Thursday, October 21. No other action required on your part.