Debit Cards

Signature Bank of Arkansas is pleased to introduce a new Debit Mastercard with upgraded features and an upgraded look.

  • Your new card will be arriving in the mail before Thursday, October 21. Please continue using your current debit card until Thursday, October 21.
  • Activate your new debit card on or after Thursday, October 21.
    • To activate your new debit card, call 1-877-965-3344. Further instructions will be mailed to you, including how to select a new 4-digit pin.
  • Your new Signature Bank of Arkansas Debit Mastercard will be enhanced with Contactless Pay. You can use the Contactless featue anywhere you see the Contactless symbol at checkout.
icon of contactless payment

Teller Tip!

Change your recurring payments to your checking account information instead of your debit card information. You’ll never have to update information when new cards are issued or old cards expire.


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