ID Theft Protection

Don’t fall victim to identity theft.

Mastercard ID Theft Protection (IDT) provides you with access to a number of Identity Theft resolution services, should you believe you are a victim of Identity Theft. This product offering will alert you about possible identity theft by monitoring the surface, dark and deep web, searching for compromised credentials and potentially damaging use of your registered personal information in order to detect fraud at its inception.

Defend your personal information and secure your digital privacy.

Track your identity risk level and detect potential fraud early.

See suspicious activity and take action immediately.

Repair problems quickly with the help of the experts at Mastercard.

This service is available to all Signature Bank Mastercard holders at no additional charge.

If you have any issues, questions, or concerns regarding fraud, security, identity theft, or an unfamiliar credit alert call 1-866-825-4605 to speak with a licensed private investigator.

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